Omelette Station At Home


The PCR-1B Range

You will need space for:

  • A sturdy, heatproof table (no smaller then card table size)

  • One or two stand alone electric ranges. (The PCR-1B is perfect for this)

  • One or two 8-inch omelet pans or non-stick skillets

  • Mixing bowls and forks for beating the eggs. Two rubber spatulas or wooden forks for cooking

  • Paper towels for wiping out pans. Damp towel to wipe up spills

  • Bowls and spoons to hold filling items. Line up bowls on the table so guests can choose their favorites

  • Serving plates on or near the omelette bar


Prepare as many or as few filling items as you wish. For each omelet, in total, add about 2-3 tablespoons of one or several fillings. Avoid over stuffing or adding too many moist ingredients. This will reduce the risk of the omelet ripping when you flip it out of the pan

Cheese: Shredded or crumbled Cheddar, jack, blue, feta, Parmesan