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  • How do I purchase products?
    We sell exclusively to distributors and retailers. We are not set up to sell anything except replacement parts directly to end-users. If you would like to purchase our products for your home, please click on Retailers page or search Amazon.
  • How do I clean my heat plate?
    The heat plate has a hard coat anodized non-stick baking surface. This means that cleaning can be done with detergent and water. DO NOT use an abrasive; this will compromise the durability of the coating.
  • Convection oven recipe conversion guidelines
    Cooking is not an exact science, due to many variables such as size and quantity of food, temperature of food when first put in the oven, etc. Convection cooking takes place due to the forced flow of hot air, thus saving energy by cooking approximately 25-30% more quickly than conventional ovens. Foods lose less moisture and retain nutrients. The internal temperature in the convection oven is easily regulated since the fan keeps the hot air constantly circulating so the food cooks uniformly. The following are general guidelines for converting conventional recipes for use in a convection oven.* Option one: Bake at the same temperature that the conventional recipe recommends, but for less time. Option two: Bake for the amount of time that the conventional recipe calls for, but reduce the temperature of the oven by about 25 degrees F. Option three: (Best) Bake for a little less time than the conventional recipe calls for, and also reduce the temperature of the oven.
  • Are electric ovens better than gas?
    Broilking Professional countertop convection ovens have been chosen over many competitors in some really tough testing. Broilking Professional ovens have been a big hit with national chains using this to keep a smaller footprint in some cases, as well as higher quality, fresher foods. Electric Ovens are far superior to Gas ovens, because: Keeps very reliable temperature Very good at broiling Easier to clean Heats more evenly and produce less moisture- This is very important in baking Better at browning because it does not introduce vapor as a byproduct of combustion Convection cooking is really the best option for a majority of baking needs More inexpensive on both the unit cost and installation (as cost can rise with gas ovens due to installing of gas piping, etc.)
  • Why don't my rolltop lids fit/close properly?
    Being interchangeable means that the pans need to be fitted properly for the rolltop lids to close. Please watch the following short video showing how to space the pans so the rolltop lid closes properly.
  • What is the maximum weight and pan size for use with Broilking Pro Hot Plates?
    20 lbs (around 10 quarts) and a pan size no larger than the element itself.
  • Can you use a pressure cooker with Broilking Pro hot plates?
    We do not suggest using a pressure cooker.
  • How do you clean your griddle?
    Before initial use and after each subsequent use, disassemble and wash griddle in dishwasher or in warm sudsy water, rinse and dry. DO NOT IMMERSE HEAT CONTROL INWATER OR LET IT COME IN CONTACT WIH ANY LIQUID. Periiodically, "season" the cooking surface by rubbing with cooking oil to maintain the nonstick properties.
  • Where can I find recipe ideas?
    Broilking Professional takes people on a culinary exploration through extraordinary cuisine. With a passion for food, Chef Chris has a flair for igniting the senses using simple, fresh ingredients with a twist. You can find all of our recipes here
  • What are the temperature/approximate cooking times for my griddle?
  • How can I become an authorized retailer?
    Visit our contact page and fill out our form.
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