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How to Master the Griddle

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Cook one pound of sizzling brown bacon with these durable griddles. They feature a large non stick cooking surface for easy clean-up. All of our griddles are made in the USA and heat food evenly.

This article features the: PCG-10 or PCG-5 Griddle

Who wants to be the next great American chef?

You do. We want you to be the next great American chef. Because we know that if it's good enough for us, then it's good enough for you. And that's why we created the PCG-10 griddle—so you can make your family and your friends eat up every last bite of whatever delicious thing you're making.

It's time to become known as the chef of your neighborhood! And if you've got one of these bad boys at home, no one will ever doubt your skills again.


Reason #1 - We are better than the other guys

The PCG-10 griddle is made in America, with an element embedded in the casting that makes it as strong as can be. It has a larger cooking surface than its competition, so you'll have plenty of room to cook up a storm on its flat top. And best of all? It has a stainless steel backsplash that keeps everything neat and tidy even when things get a little crazy in the kitchen (which is often).


Reason #2 - Easy cleanup for the messiest of cooks

Simply wipe away spills and drips as they occur. If food should happen to burn on, it is easily removed with warm, sudsy water and a dish cloth. That's it!

"The surface looks great and area is large, I feel like a chef working on it... It's a difficult trigger to pull when you can find many griddle cheaper but the quality seems to be here." – Amazon Reviewer


Reason #3 - We came out on top with America's Test Kitchen

See the PCG-10 Griddle in action!

We came out on top as the Best Electric Griddle.

The video says it all.


Reason #4 - We have so many recipes from Breakfast to Dinner

We have meal ideas for all you griddle beginners, and for all you seasoned griddling pros too!

You can visit our recipe page for advice on how to cook breakfast,lunch, dinner, and even dessert!

In Conclusion

While there's no reason to think that home chefs won't continue to use electric griddles in the years to come, this recommendation post offers some good advice for those who don't already own an electric griddle.

Are you looking to purchase one? See our retailers here:

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Mar 12, 2023

I purchased your PC-10 griddle 425 degree model, stamped on the bottom of the griddle it states that the griddle is 110V/240V but the control unit has nothing stamped on it. Your ad states that the griddle is wired for American voltage, living abroad my house is wired for 220V, so is the griddle wired for 110V and 220V or is it wired only for 110V. I have a step down 220V to 110V transformer, but If I do not have to use the transformer that will be great.

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